A sunset lover


I am sure I would also be a sunrise lover if I wake up that early 🙂

IMG_20170620_202726_478Sunset is pure magic for me, the sun dissapears  sometimes behind the mountains, sometimes splashing in the ocean and sometimes I believe I am just sending it to my parents on the other side of the world as when my day is finishing in Asia, their day is about to start in Mexico.

This picture was taken in Prambanan temple, in Java Indonesia.

Author: abiviajera

Mexicana y del mundo Loves art, literature, photography, culture, traveling around the world and myself. I always have a funny/sexy/memorable story to share

2 thoughts on “A sunset lover”

    1. thank you satyanveshee, I am glad you like it. life is a cycle so I like to think like this and also when I am looking at the moon I wonder is my parents or friends are looking at it too.

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